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Want to keep your hair color longer?

 Your hair color wasn’t cheap was it?
When you color your hair, those pigments are trapped in your hair fibers.  When those strands of hair are opened up from another stimulus (like exposure to water, shampoos, sun, etc.), color can (and will) be secreted out of the strand.  Every single washing of your hair exposes it to water, which is actually a huge contributor to color loss over time.   

Don't let your investment fade too fast....

 Try a leave-in conditioner. Conditioners, especially those containing protection from sun exposure. While the sun’s rays are warm and welcoming generally speaking, they really are trying to ruin us.  UV protection is important for hair and skin alike.  Exposure to the sun and other elements that can enhance the build-up of free radicals which will eat away at your color more quickly, causing it to fade.   

If a leave-in conditioner isn't for you try this.....

 Skip-a-day.  If you have super oily hair, this might not be an option you’re comfortable with but to most, skipping a day of hair washing and switching to an “every other day” schedule will help you keep that color longer too. 

Show your hair some love !

 Use made-for-color shampoos and conditioners (and all products for that matter).  Some shampoos can be harsh on your hair or even leave it too dry.  Hair should be soft, hydrated and smooth.  Hair that is too dry, especially from the use of chemical cleaners can be left swollen after shampooing.  This opening up of the hair fiber, like I said earlier, allows more of your color to escape the strands.  Using products like Joico Co+Wash will help keep hair shiny, smooth and luxurious. 

Most importantly, please please please, know you're stylist

 Even though we’ve talked mostly about what to do after coloring to help savor that flavor, please do yourself another solid and find a good stylist that knows what’s up.  In my salon I use one shampoo for curly hair that is sulfate free, one that’s moisture rich for dry hair and yet another for color treated hair.  If you find a stylist that is careful about the right color, chances are you’re going to get a few more miles out of that color treatment. 


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